“Your level of success will seldom exceed your level of personal development.”  —Jim Rohn

Training is essential to the success of any organization. Whether conducted virtually or onsite, you can count on programs that will deliver results! All programs are learner-centered, energized, and highly interactive. Participants will engage in their own learning and acquire skills they can put to immediate use to increase their confidence, presence and impact, boost performance and engage more powerfully and successfully with the world around them.

Programs and Areas of Expertise

Virtual Engagement

Presentation & Facilitation Skills

Leading Through Change

Overcoming Objections in Sales, Medical Dialogue, and Customer Interactions

Strategic Questioning

Empathy and Listening

Leadership Presence

Storytelling in Business

Persuasion and Influence

Effective Meeting Facilitation

Creating a Culture of Accountability

Facing a specific communication challenge? Have another topic in mind? Communication strategy covers a broad range of topics and situations. Let's talk! All programs may be tailored to meet your needs.

"Janice is the best facilitator I've ever had the privilege of working with! Her knowledge and passion is absolutely amazing and inspirational!"
"This course (Leading Through Change) was the best program of the entire LTEN conference! Janice brought amazing insight and humanity into a challenging conversation."
"Janice's Facilitative Presenting is a MUST DO! I've taken many presentation skills courses and this is BY FAR the most beneficial! Janice is a pro!"
"This course (Influential Relationships) was fantastic! Janice's energy and style keeps you engaged the entire time. She framed everything to fit our real situations. I can apply the skills I learned to any situation, my job and my personal life too!"